Tableau Training

Tableau is an extensively used BI and analytics software owned by companies like Amazon and Unilever. It is to explore, visualize, and share data in the form of Dashboards and Workbooks. Everyone can use it to instantly clean, analyze, and visualize the team’s data with its convenient drag-and-drop function. Through the Tableau Training Course, you will learn how to follow Tableau’s interface. Also, how to connect and present data using simple visualizations. After this training, you’ll have the skills you need to explore Tableau and build impactful data dashboards. Let’s dive in.

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What You Will Learn

  • Introduction to Tableau
  • Visual representation of big data

  • Creation of dashboards, charts, report generation

  • Introduction to data warehouses, spreadsheets, and data sets
  • Real-time data exploration with Data Integration
  • Creation off exceptional business solution
  • Business need identification

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