SRE Training

SRE Training Course aims to demystify what SRE is. Also, its importance, and how SRE can be applied in organizations. It teaches the theory of Service Level Objectives (SLOs). SLO is a principled way of describing and measuring the desired reliability of service. Upon completion, you should apply these principles to develop the first SLOs for similar services. You’ll also learn how to use Service Level Indicators (SLIs). It is used to quantify reliability and Error Budgets to navigate business decisions around engineering for greater reliability. You will understand the components of a meaningful SLI and walk through developing SLIs and SLOs for an example service. SRE Training Course also serves as a good introduction to the SRE practices and principles. It is for System Administrators and Software Engineers who want to become Site Reliability Engineers (SREs).

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SRE Training

What You Will Learn

  • Comparing Traditional Ops and SRE
  • Comparing DevOps and SRE
  • Exploring the Key Tenets of SRE
  • Learn about real-world SRE scenarios and success stories

  • Understand its core vocabulary, principles, practices, and automation
  • Learn about site reliability engineering

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