Linux Admin Training

All kinds of job roles would go better with Linux admin skills. Whether you’re responsible for DevOps deployments, web applications, databases, or CI/CD infrastructure, you can’t go wrong with Linux. Our Linux Admin Training Course lets you master the advanced concepts of Linux Administration. QA Training In Chicago provides the best online classes to help you learn the Red Hat Linux system, installation, operations, managing boot processes, deploying the Linux kernel, testing and debugging, etc. As part of this Linux Admin Training, you’ll work on industry designed projects.

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What You Will Learn

  • Learn 150+ Linux system administration commands
  • CentOS and Redhat version 7 and 8
  • Writing basic to advance level shell scripts
  • Gain advanced Linux systems administration skills
  • Deep understanding of Linux fundamentals and concepts
  • Ability to troubleshoot everyday Linux related issues
  • Managing Linux servers in a corporate environment

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