An IT specialist who designs data storage systems and works to fill the required system with the needful data to be stored is referred to as an ETL developer. These specific developers work as a part of a team and freelancers as well.

Organizations employ ETL developers for Extracting, Transforming, and Loading processes. ETL developers, along with managing data, implement technical solutions to the software, programs, etc., when required. 

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Role of ETL Developer

The main role of an ETL developer is to reach data to its final destination. The data is assessed throughout because it travels from one technical form to another before reaching its final destination, accessible to the end-user. Moving data to its final stage requires building a pipeline, specifically what an ETL developer does.

ETL developers are generally part of the data engineering department in the organizations. They are in charge of data extraction, processing, storage, and maintenance of the corresponding infrastructure. ETL developers can extract raw data from various data sources, decide its design, design it accordingly, and store it. In terms of BI projects also ETL developers are one of the crucial engineering roles. 

Responsibilities of ETL Developer

The job of an ETL developer comes with a lot of responsibilities. The whole process of data extraction, transformation, and loading stage is the responsibility of ETL developers to execute efficiently. They perform tasks that are connected with data, such as analytics, system architecture, and testings. We have listed down all the major responsibilities that an ETL developer performs. This list covers all possible tasks of an ETL developer. 

  1. Handling ETL process management 
  2. Designing Data modeling 
  3. Managing Data Warehouse architecture 
  4. Development of Data pipeline 
  5. ETL Testing

ETL Developer Skills

An ETL developer is a role shrouded with a lot of work, and to execute that, they need expertise in different fields. Skills are developed within time, but the background of an ETL developer matters a lot to shape them professionally. Most ETL developers have a background in software engineering and database development experience. We’ve narrowed down some important skills that an ETL developer should possess.

  1. Proficient with ETL tools: they must have experience of working with ETL tools. Mature markets have instrument standards set of certain tools such as Talend, Pentaho, and others. An ETL developer must be knowing how to use the relevant ETL tools for overall success effectively. 
  2. Background: Along with experience, the background of an ETL developer should be in database engineering. Having this background will enable them to work and understand data more effectively. They’ll get an understanding of data storage, designing, and warehouse architecture by having a background in Database, DBA, or Architect fields. 
  3. Analytics Expertise: An ETL developer must be an effective doer of data analytics as it’s required in data mapping, modeling, and formatting. 
  4. Apprehension of Scripting languages: Automation is required to some extent when dealing with complex and large datasets and pipelines. The scripting languages are used then for the automation of specific parts of the process. Most known scripting languages include Python, Perl, and Bash. 
  5. Expertise in Programming: An ETL developer must possess strong skills in programming languages. Java, C++, and JavaScript are the most commonly used programming languages in ETL. 
  6. Troubleshooting: Strong troubleshooting skills and analytical thinking make an ETL developer stand out efficiently when dealing with huge datasets. 

Multiple kinds of structural elements are encompassed in data processing systems having massive amounts of data. An ETL developer is becoming a requirement of almost every organization, specifically software houses, to deal with databases. 

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