Testing is not a job, it is actually a procedure. Manual software testers may have different roles depending on the software project that needs to be tested. Manual testers are usually involved in lots of communications with developers and other teams to ensure that the requirements and specifications are cleared before starting the testing process itself. If you are getting manual testing jobs in Chicago or anywhere, there are different types of testing, many techniques and highly qualified manual testers know how to perform all of them. 

  • Functional
  • Security
  • Load
  • Usability 
  • Regression
  • Performance
  • Compatibility

However, freshers or beginners may be unfamiliar with all of these types of testing and techniques. 

Become Manual Tester

How to get manual testing jobs in Chicago? But first is that, How to become a manual tester? Entering the IT industry or getting a job can be difficult, unless you are eager to learn new things, ready to continuously improve your primary skillset, and have the passion to become an expert at your job. If you have it all, testing will become a suitable choice for you. Manual testing is not the easiest career path. But if you are passionate about this job it is possible.

Manual Testing Job Requirements

Every job has its own requirements. Technical skills are the first and most significant point on the list of manual tester job requirements. No doubt it is, experienced and professional manual testers will have an extensive working background along with an advanced skillset. But it doesn’t mean junior testers are not in demand. They are usually very encouraged to learn, and their capability to craft clear testing situations may be more than enough to enter this career. 

  • Understanding different testing methods and approaches
  • Writing clear bug reports
  • Keen eye to detect errors
  • Working with various tools or overview of tools 

These following points present a basic knowledge bundle of a good manual tester. Other than knowledge of technical specialty, one of the major manual tester requirements is to have good soft skills to fruitfully communicate with other employees both verbally and written form. A good manual software tester has to clearly and accurately convey the message to their teammates, whether they are a designer, a developer, a tech lead, project manager or a client. 

Key Responsibilities

  • Execute test cases with high exactness and detail
  • Very deep checking each step and documenting differences
  • Create test plans, test cases, test scenarios
  • Check requirements in softwares
  • Learn new software products regularly

Candidate Requirements

  • Basic computer skills
  • Strong verbal English language skills with written form
  • A personality that is attention to detail-oriented
  • Strong committed to high quality work
  • If the candidate is fresh then no previous experience as a tester is required. Just passionate to learn, attention to detail, a positive mind and attitude and a strong work ethic

Wrapping Up

It is possible to learn manual testing on your own and seek manual testing jobs in Chicago, by taking a manual testing course and other QA tester courses. Our institute offer high quality and up-to-date manual testing training program by industry experts. These training are the right choice to become the first step in the IT industry. We offer job placement and internship programs in Chicago to our right candidate, who are successful in their respective course. So contact us if you are searching for a job in Chicago as a manual software tester.