A newly developed software goes through many testing stages. Software testers conduct many functional and non-functional tests. They conduct these tests according to the test needs. There are two ways in which testers can conduct tests:

As the world is advancing, we are now using automation tools to make testing easy for us. In this blog, we will introduce you to the post of Automation QA Engineer. We will discuss their responsibilities as well. Our main focus is to teach you how you can become a good Automation QA Engineer.

Automation QA Engineer

Automation QA Engineer designs automated tests to ratify the performance of mobile and web applications. Their job involves:

  • Producing initial test designs
  • Writing scripts
  • Establishing automation testing protocols
  • Documenting results

An automated QA engineer should have professional coding skills. Their responsibility is to design and implement different automated solutions. They ensure that:

  • The software is meeting the architectural needs.
  • It is developing and automating tests to validate the software.
  • The quality of the system is high.
  • It is interacting with validation engineers and firmware developers.

Responsibilities Of An Automation QA Engineer

An Automation QA Engineer must have great technical as well as soft skills. It is because they have to work closely with other teams. They also implement specific processes for service and business automation.

Responsibilities of an Automation QA Engineer include performing the following duties:

  • Plan and prioritize testing activities.
  • Discuss verification protocols with the design team by coordinating with them.
  • Identify the problem areas and weaknesses in the software.
  • Suggest automated test procedures.
  • Track and trace the bugs in the software and investigate the causes.
  • Prepare automation QA scripts.
  • Analyze the need for testability and ambiguity.
  • Work with global and cross-functional teams. It is to develop, alter and execute end-to-end strategies and test plans.
  • Observe, sort, and track execution for the test cases based on priority and severity.
  • Design automated tests to improve the repeatability and reliability of software tests.
  • Use best communication skills and presentation skills to manage and report errors. Also to help resolution sessions with global and cross-functional teams.
  • Willingness and interest to rotate areas of quality assurance responsibilities. 
  • Never stop learning new technology.

Who Is An Automation QA Engineer

Requirements For An Automation QA Engineer

To become an Automation QA Engineer, you need to fulfill the following requirement:

  • Bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field.
  • Prior experience as an Automation QA Engineer.
  • Advanced skills in programming including, automation databases and systems.
  • Knowledge of programming languages like VBScripts and Java.
  • Professional analytical skills.
  • The expertise in application functions, testing protocols, and bug fixing.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Project management skills.

Steps To Become A Good Automation QA Engineer

Are you clear enough? Would you like to start your career as a quality assurance analyst? Then here are some steps you must follow to become a successful quality assurance analyst.

  • Look For A Computer Science Program
  • Complete Your Degree
  • Gain Relevant Experience
  • Get Automation QA Training Certification

Look For A Computer Science Program

While moving towards secondary education, you need to select an appropriate computer science program. This means seeking an education that can lead you to a graduation degree in computer sciences.

Complete Your Degree

If you want a degree in computer sciences, you need to excel in many courses including:

  • Programming languages
  • Operating system software
  • Statistics and math
  • Logical design principles
  • Computer science theory
  • Architecture
  • Fundamentals of network technology
  • Physics
  • Information management
  • Files and databases
  • Data management

Courses in mathematics like calculus, statistics, and algorithms may play an important role in a computer science degree. Computer science programs may encourage you to take an internship. It helps you to learn and gain practical experience related to different jobs you can get.

Gain Relevant Experience

Internships are a great way to gain experience before entering the field. Work with your advisor or campus advisory offices to find relevant opportunities. Reach professional organizations to know if they can help you to find a suitable opportunity.

After completion of your degree, you can apply for Automation QA Engineer jobs. You can find a suitable job by looking at job boards or using online resources. Make sure your resume is up-to-date and carefully look for any application instructions to stand out.

Get Automation QA Training Certification

Are you planning to specialize in Automation QA? Then you may need to get enrolled in a certification. This will help you to increase your knowledge and skills. Certifications increase the likelihood of getting good jobs. There are many certifications related to Automation QA. You can take help from job or industry requirements when deciding to pursue a certification.

Where To Find The Best Automation QA Training

QA Training In Chicago offers training and placement services to its candidates. Our sessions are very interactive. Our team of industry-experienced experts and instructors provides exceptional training. You will learn the best practices of the industry along with advanced topics. We love to share knowledge with you. 

Through our training, we will guide you about tools access, and technology. It will help in improving your technical standards. You will also engage in workshops, group discussions, and practice lessons.

As a beginner, you must be curious to know and learn more about Automation QA. We are here to help you out. QA Training In Chicago is famous for providing the best Automation QA training. Let us have a look at what QA Training In Chicago has to offer in this certificate training.

Automation QA Training

This automation QA training course for beginners helps you to advance your career. You can then apply for jobs as an automation QA testing engineer. This automation QA training program is designed to provide knowledge of software QA testing technologies. These technologies include:

  • Selenium web driver
  • Selenium Grid
  • AutoIT
  • Appium
  • Maven
  • TestNG
  • Docker

It helps you to build a strong framework for testing. This automation QA training course offers an extensive curriculum. QA Training In Chicago uses a unique blended approach to learning. In this way, we make you ready for your career as an automation QA testing engineer.