Since many organizations are using ETL tools and processes to extract and transfer their data. The next step is learning more about ETL testing, to confirm whether this process is operating as expected. ETL testing holds significant importance for data because it’s moved from source to target databases and then used for data analytics and business intelligence purposes. Yet, the testing can sometimes be difficult because of the volume of data involved in the process. The data is always diversified, which increases the complexity of the process.

What is ETL Testing Training?

ETL testing training confirms that the data extracted, transformed, and loaded into the target database has been entirely extracted, properly transformed. There are multiple advantages of ETL testing as it can help identify and prevent quality issues during the ETL process. It also verifies that the ETL process is running smoothly and doesn’t suffer from any issues which can harm the performance of either source or target destination.

Why is there a need for ETL Testing Training?

The transportation of data from extraction to loading could result in human or system error, resulting in poor information provided across the destination. It ensures that such errors do not occur and the process takes place smoothly on the following strategies.

  • Data Integrity
  • Data Transformation
  • Data Completeness
  • Data Quality

It can be helpful:

  • When starting a new data warehouse for the first time
  • After a data integration project
  • While moving data for any reason
  • If there are issues with data quality or ETL process itself
etl testing training

Challenges of ETL Testing Training

The process can be challenging because of the volume of the data used in the process. Still, ETL testing is very different from other testing software because it’s basically about data, not code. The data can be of any type when coming from the source, so the testing process must accommodate the data types.

Resources you can learn from:

There are several best institutes for ETL testing training in the USA. Wolf Careers Inc, QA Training in Chicago, Business Analyst Classes, and more can help you get your hands on the perfect training. Accessing these institutions on-site or online can benefit you in wonderful ways.