The great power of data in this competitive world is exceptional. Analyzing data to derive useful insights helps the companies to achieve unmatched sovereignty. Power BI is a Business Intelligence tool owned by Microsoft. 

Companies all across the globe use Power BI to visualize their data. The visualizations are then used to gain an insight into their business performance.

In this blog, we will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of Power BI & Power BI certification. But before we jump onto the main part of this blog, let us learn about what Power BI is.

Power BI

Developed by Microsoft, Power BI is a cloud-based BI service platform. We can use it to convert raw data into useful information through visualizations and tables. Companies can analyze the data without effort and can make better decisions. 

Power BI is a set of data visualization and business intelligence tools. These tools may include software apps, data connectors, and services that makeup Power BI. It is a user-friendly tool that provides drag-and-drop features. Users can employ Power BI on both, on-cloud and on-premise platforms.

Power BI is rapidly gaining a lot of recognition worldwide. It has become the most significant self-service BI platform. Power BI is an essential tool for beginners and professionals. Power BI enables you to connect with hundreds of sources of data. It helps you design complex rational models with intuitive and simple tools. Power BI also assists you in building interactive and stunning dashboards from the strat.

Power BI

Advantages Of Power BI & Power BI Certification

Before moving towards the disadvantages, we’ll discuss the advantages of Power BI & Power BI certification:

1. Custom Visualizations

Power BI offers a variety of customizable visualizations. These customizable visuals are available in the marketplace of Microsoft. Besides the basic set of visualizations, you can also use Power BI customizable visualizations. The collection of custom visualizations includes:

  • KPIs
  • Charts
  • Maps
  • Graphs
  • R script visuals 
  • And more.

2. Data Accessibility

Power BI offers convenience to data sets and data sources that companies create while drafting reports. Power BI stores data that we import from data sources in centralized locations. You can then access that data from anywhere, anytime.

3. Interactive Visualizations

Power BI is the most attractive and interactive visualization tool. We can use the drag-and-drop function of Power BI to add attractive visualizations to the report. You can interact with the visuals by implementing filters and making selections in them. It is easy to craft and understand data visualizations using Power BI.

4. Data Connectivity

Did you know that you can import your data from many data sources using Power BI? It offers data connectivity to:

  • Data files (such as JSON, XML,etc)
  • Microsoft Excel
  • SQL Server databases
  • Azure sources
  • Cloud-based sources
  • Online services (such as Facebook, Google Analytics, etc.)

With Power BI, you can also access big data sources. Hence, you can get all types of data sources to attain and connect to data to analyze and make reports.

5. Excel Integration

You can use Excel to extract and view data from Power BI. You can sort the data from the Power BI dashboard and report and enter it in Excel. It helps you to view the same data in an Excel spreadsheet in a tabular form. In this way, Power BI allows its users to view and work with the raw data using Excel integration.

Disadvantages Of Power BI & Power BI Certification

Impressed by the advantages? Let us have a look at the disadvantages of Power BI & Power BI certification:

1. Handling Vast Data Volumes

Power BI has a limit of 2 GBs to assimilate data at a time. If you are willing to import a greater volume of data, you will need to buy the paid version. Users have also reported that Power BI hangs and takes more than usual time to process excessive data.

2. Complex To Understand 

Power BI can seem easy if you are using it to import data and draft reports only. But, Power BI is a complex platform that has many interrelated tools. If you want to use it for more than creating reports, you need to learn many other tools, like:

  • Gateways
  • Power BI Report Server
  • Power BI Services
  • And more.

3. Configuration Of Visuals

You may not feel in many cases that you need to optimize and configure visuals in Power BI. But in some cases, you may feel the need and Power BI does not provide enough options. Yes! Power BI does not offer as many options to design your visualizations as per the needs. Users only have limited options to choose from to customize the visuals.

4. Crowded User Interface

The Power BI user interface is often crowded by the users. It happens because there are many icons for options that block the dashboard’s view. Users demand a simpler report canvas with fewer icons to display options. They also recommend developing scrolling dashboards as a local feature.

5. Rigid Formulas

In Power BI, we use DAX as the expression language. WE can use the DAX formula in Power BI to perform many actions. But, DAX is not an easy language to work with. The formulas that you create may work well in Power BI, but sometimes they don’t. You can chain one or two elements but chaining more than two needs residing statements.

Where To Get A Power BI Certification

Are you interested in analyzing data and creating meaningful visualizations? Or do you want to work with the companies to facilitate the decision-making process? If yes, then Power BI Training Certification is the best certificate you can get. 

QA Training In Chicago offers the best Power BI Training Certification program. This certification provides a comprehensive introduction to data visualizations. It is designed for all business professionals including the ones who don’t have any prior experience. 

Power BI Training

Throughout the course, you will learn this effective tool to analyze and visualize data. It is a comprehensive training certification that teaches you to run:

  • Power BI Desktop
  • Power BI Mobile
  • Power BI Service

You will learn to create Power BI dashboards and reports for customers and team members. The outline of this Power BI Training Certification includes:

  • Business Analyst Profession
  • Communication Abilities – Eliciting Info from Stakeholders
  • Communication Abilities for Business Analysis
  • Infrastructures & Technologies
  • Leadership & Management
  • Data Management
  • Manufacturing Systems
  • Accounting Analytic