A newly developed software goes through many testing stages. Software tester conducts many functional and non-functional tests. They execute these tests according to the test needs. There are two ways in which a software tester can conduct tests:

  • By running a QA manual test as written in the test plan.
  • By running a QA automation test using different frameworks.

Polishing your skill sets and gaining new in-demand skills helps you perform software testing more professionally. In this blog, we will introduce you to 10 Software Testing tips for Quality Assurance Testers. But before jumping to the main topic, let us start with a brief introduction.

Software Testing

Software testing is a program used to certify a computer program or system. It ensures that the software meets the specified needs and provides desired outcomes. Software testing helps to identify bugs in software projects and products. It is essential in producing a quality product without any issues and bugs.

Software testing is about evaluating software quality as per the pre-identified needs. Its goal is to identify and fix bugs at the early stages of software development. Software testing is not just an integral part of QA. It is also an essential aspect of the software development process cycle.

Quality Assurance Testers

Quality assurance testers make efforts to test if the product is up to the company’s standards. They perform software audits to come up with the processes to test the quality. In the job of a quality assurance tester, everything is about quality.

Quality assurance testers notice everything. QA testers are so detail-oriented. They do not ignore any errors. Well, human errors may occur at any stage as no one is perfect.

This is a beneficial job for many industries. If you want to pursue a career with many opportunities, a QA tester is the right choice. Many gaming development and software product companies hire QA testers. When companies are launching a website, QA testers examine to look for any errors.

Software Testing Tips For Quality Assurance Testers

Company Philosophy

Quality indeed derives from the business mindset. The company’s philosophy determines the software development quality. For developing countries, the good quality of software must be important. Bug fixes and coding may take time but testing is a lot more than just a cost factor. It is a useful investment as non-functioning and defective software is more expensive.

Awareness Of Quality

The initial step of quality starts with the developers. The awareness of software quality is essential for the development team. Software developers must know how impactful software quality is. They must know how errors in software development affect the company. The starting step of QA is programming, with a great concept and software design. 

We can prevent future problems and errors through high-quality coding and a suitable approach. Fixing a bug should not be considered a quick alternative. We must consider bug fixing as a clean and smart solution. 

Quality Assurance Is Just A Step

Your team should know that QA is not the final step of the software development process. It is just one step in the agile software development process in progress. Before implementing the development components, testing occurs at each loop. We need to integrate software testing as an essential element in the development process.

Identifying Quality Criteria And Needs

Before we start development, we need to define the needs and quality criteria of the software. It is because the developers and stakeholders need to know what you are developing. This approach unites many ideas related to the needs and quality of the software. According to ISO 9126, features of software quality are divided into the following six standards:

  • Functionality
  • Reliability
  • Usability
  • Efficiency
  • Maintainability
  • Portability 

The tester must check all these quality standards and needs. They should also communicate the results through proper documentation. In this way, the team can correct the errors in time that may occur.

quality assurance testers

Dedicated And Hardworking Team

Managers must assign the task of testing to dedicated professionals. It means that there must be a clear assignment of this testing task. The tester must assure that the testing is professional and focused. It must not be a quick pass. We can not replace testing with cheap labor as it is more than just walking through the software. 

The tester must follow the predefined strategies, guidelines, and standards. Automation of the test is compulsory. Testers must implement and execute all the relevant tests from the start. Only dedicated professionals can provide the needed methodological testing experience and expertise.

Test Automation

In today’s world, automated software testing is the standard. We should automate around 80% of all the software tests. Test automation is helpful for regular testing with many repetitive tests as complex to run as manual. Automated tests include the following:

  • Unit Tests
  • Component Tests
  • Integration Tests
  • Acceptance tests
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) tests

But, you can not use automation testing to test everything. For instance, we can not use automation testing to test a software’s accessibility. Thus, manual testing must also be an essential part of QA.

Integrated Communication

Communication with the stakeholders and team is an essential part of quality management. Good documentation can help you address, reconstruct, and repair errors in the software. Besides good communication with the team and stakeholders, it is also important with the customers. For instance, if you will not communicate the new specifications to the team, it can lead to delays. It can also cause additional expenses in the business project. 

Feedback must be an integral part of QA. In this way, the development team and customers can know the live status of the business project.

Value Added

The team must know about the benefits and high-quality standards of testing. For instance, what will be the loss, if a customer stops using an application due to poor usability. If anything like this happens, it can cause many losses. Here comes a potential reason for companies to invest in high-quality software. 

To discover errors and defects of a product is an opportunity for companies. They can determine and resolve problems for the developers as well as customers. In this way, the company can improve the concepts of your customers, like prebuilt designs. Software testers can detect the problem at an early stage if these concepts fail in usability tests. Thus, the company can adjust the designs, avoiding the loss of revenue.

Continuous Learning And Improvement

In agile software development, continuous improvement is a core issue. It applies to software testing as well. There is a constant emergence of new testing methods and tools to ensure software quality. If the project needs change at any time, old proven processes may no longer match the need. Thus, testers can not use those methods and processes any longer. 

Hence, software testers should keep learning about new methods and tools. They should also keep inspecting and inquiring about the existing processes. It is helpful for them to share knowledge with the team and other testers of the company. Testers can also share knowledge in conferences and user groups. In this way, they can discuss problems, solutions, strategies, and trends. It will help testers to adapt processes and tests as well as optimize in the best way.

Using The Best Testing Tools

Testing tools play a vital role in software testing, especially automated tests. Besides systemized work processes and methods, using the best testing tools is also essential. It helps the testers to make their work more efficient.

Best Software Testing Training For Quality Assurance Testers

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